Isenzo Case Study: Sunstream World Panel


Headquartered in the USA, SunStream™ is on a mission to give every human the power to make and store their own energy. Their flagship product, World Panel, is a highly rugged, hand held solar charger built with longevity and hardiness in mind.

“I originally visited Africa with a solar prototype for household purposes and was consistently asked by residents whether it could charge their phones,” says World Panel CEO, John Anderson. “I’ve returned with a product that is essential for anyone who owns a mobile phone but who has limited access to dependable energy sources.”

The World Panel changes the solar industry by eliminating the need for circuit boards and chipsets that others require to control voltage and amperage. Streaming energy directly not only increases efficiency, it also significantly increases durability and reliability, thereby making SunStream™ technology virtually unbreakable.


When SunStream™ launched the World Panel in South Africa, they were looking to educate customers about the technological advantages and the durability of the product. The original concept was to create a stand-alone kiosk incorporating a digital screen with a looping video.

This approach had its disadvantages: firstly, the retail chains into which the product was launching, could not guarantee suitable floor space for a stand-alone kiosk; secondly, the customer wanted to update content frequently and ensure that the screens were operational, without committing to an expensive maintenance contract.


Isenzo, in partnership with Todwil, designed a symbiotic POS digital signage display unit that could fit on to existing shelving in the retail stores. The POS unit consisted of a branded header containing Android hardware running Isenzo’s digital signage solution.

Adjustable brackets enabled easy installation across a range of existing shelving configurations.

The header unit also incorporated a high brightness LCD screen with wide viewing angles and a 3G communications module for continuous connectivity to the cloud.


The units were manufactured and configured by Isenzo and then shipped directly to each store. Installation was managed by merchandising staff and required no technical expertise. Isenzo could confirm, remotely, that each unit was operational as it was switched on in the store.

The Isenzo digital signage solution monitors all the devices on a continual basis, in real time. Device outages (usually power related) can be identified and resolved quickly, often before store staff have noticed an issue. Weekly performance reports are submitted to SunStream™ so that remedial action can be implemented in stores that experience a higher frequency of outages.

When new content is produced by the parent company, Isenzo can update all screens across the country within a few minutes. Delivery of the new content is monitored and confirmed for each location.

Project Partners

  • Design and Manufacture Todwill, Isenzo
  • Installation SunStream™, Array Marketing
  • Network Management Isenzo