Isenzo. Digital signage in the cloud that just works. Easy to deploy, easy to manage, easy to monitor.

With our digital signage solutions, you can send a message to your customers without saying a word. Experience our cloud hosted digital signage CMS and increase your sales

About Us

Isenzo develops software applications for digital signage, customer engagement and DooH. Contact us now to experience the joy of a powerful CMS and elegant UX, that streamlines your workflows and reduces complexity. Available as public SaaS, private cloud and on-premise (for enterprise).

Schedule marketing content on the Isenzo digital signage cloud platform.

Advanced Scheduling

Content schedulers love Isenzo, because our advanced playlisting tools automate complex workflows, saving time and reducing errors. Use any combination of groups, day parts, inclusive and exclusive tags, expiry dates and venue operating hours to quickly and reliably create 1000’s of individualised playlists.
The Isenzo Digital Signage platform comes with advance audience measurement and analytics built in.

Monitoring Alerts

Digital Signage screens are highly visible touchpoints for your business - any outage needs to be detected and resolved as soon as possible. Real-time monitoring and notification features enables system admins to quickly identify and resolve issues related to player health, screen status, content delivery and communication uplinks.
Video on Demand supported on the Isenzo Digital Signage platform.

Video on Demand

Increase the value of your existing signage network by delivering supplementary content like training videos, product demos and internal communications. VOD media is delivered along with the regular schedule and can be accessed on demand, using a remote control. Includes proof of view logging and a variety of play modes.
HTML5 Widgets for Digital Signage apps.

HTML Widgets

Create multi-media content that combines live data with animation. Perfect for menus, exchange rates, weather and other information displays where elements of the display need to refresh automatically. Also suitable for automating Twitter, RSS and other media feeds. Schedule widgets as full screen content or part of a multi-zone layout.